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degeneration supervening from imperfect supply of blood, or
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Insipidus and its [successful] Treatment by Ergot."
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symptoms, the pulse becomes accelerated ; and even if it feels sharp, as
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the two days following, the attacks recurred with unusual severity and
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grains of antipyrin in a little alcohol, applied two liga
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war he was ordered to Alcatraz Island, in San Francisco
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of boils ; for the breaches of surface, following on
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usually while the child is at play. Examination shows
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by the process of freezing. As the ice continues to
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15. Lange RG. The psychiatrist and the chronic pain pa-
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fungi, as well as yeasts, and while in many instances they are the direct
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modic cougli so closely resembling pertussis that a diag-
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improvements are effected in the steam-carriage. They are,
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basis of their science must include not only a knowledge of
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of any sharp cutting material, that this extensive injury was
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or disability. The plan agreement also stipulates that a pro-rata
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in the other types we are convinced from clinical observation,
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some years ago. Of the well-marked cases, a few, not many, have
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the volunteers 1,890 from this fever, those numbers being
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28, 1912, benzol medication was begun in the dose of 5 minims three times
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Hemorrhage, Uterine, Autipyrine-Salol in the Treatment of, 231
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which are certainly sufficient irritants, to say the
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I have had prepared a sketch of the two forms of mosquitoes. It is
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cholera hospital erected, and to do various other need-
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whether of fluids or solids, by weight; hence, it is the gramme alone
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it be owing to the latter class so often neglecting to seek relief
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and a half months pregnant, was treated with ergot for fifteen
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■way be separated from the uterus. The examination was made
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were forty-six cases of seventy years and upward. "\Vith very i^yf excej)-
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sounds are subject in disease; and having, moreover, passed in
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tninate employment is discountenanced ; and if this be not done speedily,
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off. When brought into the hospital, the < out such an occurrence. The most perfect
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either identical with or situated very near to the pyramidal tract).
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or elsewhere, only a slight contusion on or about the lambdoidal suture of