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fectly done, cases of contagious disease multiply. Disease germs
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about 12 days later in pleuropneumonia of the right lower lobe.
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Ther 19. 576-583, May 1976 4. Kales A, etal: Clin Pharma-
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Professor MoWeenet said for the last year or so lie had
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Sep 44, sub: Physical Reclassification of Offs. AG:
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1806. Mr Ware' J- Chlrurglcal Dhfervations on the Eye. ^239
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described by Robinson of New York in a paper read before the Dermato-
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Other Treatment. — Four injections each of five c.c. of anti-
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the susceptibility or minus action of the refined carbo-
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in the legs, and other disturbances of innervation occurring during a
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to be changed as soon as they become warm. This treatment
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tain spotted fever <J. Infect. Dis., Chicago, v. 4 (1), Jan. 1, pp. 141-153, tables
source of the infection, it should be disinfected or disposed of so that
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ducts can be removed by the kindly offices of nature, and to minister,
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time for the consideration of some general subject.
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city until shortly before his death, twenty-seven years later.