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tion. (5.) Secondary sclerosis is frequently unilateral, more
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861. Currant Vinegar— Ingredients — 2 qts. black currants, I pt.
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After half an hour the bladder contained a small quantity of bluish urine, cor-
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may be signs of a tumor, but not at McBumey's point; the tenderness over the
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The blood-vessels of the villi are distended and filled with
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flat surface, and immovable. Still, the diagnosis is often doubt-
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usual manner by external palpation of the rotating end
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producing a destructive tenosynovitis. Diffuse edema
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sent before withholding or withdrawing such treatment,
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Nolda adds tannoform, the external use of which he recom-
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vice-president; Dr. John F. Humphrey, Saratoga, secretary,
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and which constantly throws off a watery or purulent secretion ; there may
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