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sites, until only a few are found in the last attacks or attack. Some-

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process proceeded with the utmost rapidity through all the stages of

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morphine, varies directly with the percentage of iodine. (2) Iodine-free

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has occurred from suffocation, we find hypersemia of all the thoracic

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or agents, and not even knowing what its nature is, but being

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burning, colicky pains, and at times a sluggish state of the bowels, precede the

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activity ; if they are prodigal and improvident, he must impress

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The Introductory Lecture was delivered by Dr. Broadbent,

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pecially the anaerobes, ever find conditions favorable for growth and

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Sir : Of the recent medical publications there is perhaps

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Even if I have seen here and there, in a family, a few

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A long chapter on the nervous system in tuberculosis and the

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merry. Hence the establishment of the Section of Medical Veterans

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tive disease. 4 The euglobulin lysis time therefore ap-

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present knowledge. The basis of malarial prophylaxis consisted in

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he will be able to distinguish between a case of scarlet fever and

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We have examined the effects of intravenous injections of the follow-

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disorganization of this organ are those of improper feeding. In

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exception to the above-mentioned principle is to be seen in

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tumors. These new [^wths of the thyroid diff^ from the hyper-

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pecially if there is placed alongside of the beaker in which the titration is being per-

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appreciable lesions. Related to the affection, sometimes preceding its devel-

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stomach, the changes in which, however numerous, are, save

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A Hand-book of Pathological Anatomy and Histology. With an

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was said to have received a blow from a projectile in the

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grees of uterine infarction, slight flexions of the uterus, and erosions

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Acetone and diacetic acid have been occasionally observed in

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lege Hospital, 57 graduates, one of whom was a China-

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observations, to endeavor to interpret facts, and to discuss the various

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of the skin in a case of generalised acute visceral tuberculosis recorded

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animal in a hot air bath will often act equally well. Packing the

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free itself from the malady. Of what use are blisters if their

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to Charcot, eruptions are occasionally developed, more especially daring