same nature. Temperature of the mouth, 36.75 ; of a scrofulous tumor

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infant son of Mr. R. S. Iddcson, to relieve him of flatulency.

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exception. This exception was in the person of Mr. Carter,

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are indicated by hollow circles on the map for 1912, Figure 7. One of

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I called your attention a little while ago to the desirability of

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it is necessary to act quickly to establish an airway

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after this manner :— one-half is filled up by the first sound, one

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all the more probable as the pressure on the neck must have already

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animal " knuckles over " ,at one hind fetlock, usually the right

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ment is well worthy of trial. It is the same theory on which the Fed-

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subjected to postmortem examination. According to the

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the late Sir Robert Peel have, within the last few days, remitted fees

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DiL HiCKi.KY tliou^lit tli(» niimo could do no liurm,

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terior to an echo-free mass that communicates with the abdominal

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Report of the Committee on Medical Inspection of Schools 43

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August 13th and 14th. After the transaction of the usual

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like other epidemics, has its alternate periods of i)revalence

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sis. Bacteriological methods and especially the "Widal test are necessary

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271-275. Also : Virsinia M. Semi-Mouth., Kichmond, 1899-

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the surface thus altered soon becomes moist, with a slight