physiologists. This bjok of Dr. Williams will do good,
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Five animals received injections of a boiled extract made from
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for approval that grade of certificate needed to include any sub-
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the form of smooth, milky- white colored patches; when it
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into the most interesting and wholesome literature, but to encourage
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a deep sopor, become entirely insensitive to the irritation, cannot move
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sodium chlorid has important physical, chemical and therapeutic properties
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vember, 1859. It was then evident that life was ebbing fast.
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of a cavity, is whether the cavity is really situated within the lung or is part of an
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In acne, too, Dr. Bulkley is sure that he has seen good results fol-
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the practice of medicine, and to confer the degree of
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tinue several days before surgery Limit concomitant administration of ECT to essential
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with corn meal with and without the addition of skim milk, and
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drawing conclusions in such a complicated matter as the causes of tachy-
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could it be said that the cases were specially favorable for
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fatty deposit. A close examination will reveal other facts : — the growth
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sist in a blowing or rushing noise which usually accompanies or
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Dr. Mellanby brought before you some facts, and those facts have
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ject the consideration of certain cases of abnormal rapid-
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these organs have gradually become incapable of performing their
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Soda and magnesia were administered with diluent drinks Vomiting set m,