This case seems to confirm the opinion which attributes to the

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can't help mourning, sometimes, that my bodily life should

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Beitr. zur path. Untwickelungsgeschichte, vol. iv. p. 52. Breslau, 1871. With plates. —

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have the gratification of adverting to the unparalled success of the

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may obscure the findings to the extent of limiting or entirely effacing

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Kerr, 13 Gatch, 4 and Holman 6 had featured the desir-

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Autopsy. — Some congestion of brain at the base. Cultures and film prepara-

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trouble which kept him awake the greater part of the

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The senses are acute, especially sight and hearing; they are very attentive and

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matter, producing in them surgical fever, as in puerperal patients, obstetricians,

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which are certainly sufficient irritants, to say the

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a great measure, indicate the virulence of the poison and

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typhoid fever death rate for 1898, 1899, 1900 and 1901, and the

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typhus, and Kramer (Nederl. Tijd. v. Geneesk., Amsterdam, Sep-

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the patient as he lies in bed. When this expedient is not at hand,

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peared in England during the past century, including many rare and

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tion, condensation, and decomposition >'f gases and va-

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muscles of the neck and back is of frequent occurrence, giving rise to re-

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normal is stability of function, based upon a considerable reserve of energy.

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remarkable instance than any noticed, by the author was

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tenance, before dull and apathetic, now appears animated and restless.

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merit and strengthen their efforts, but country in a systematic way, exert an

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are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover.

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perature of the foot on the same side rises also, but to a less degree,

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increase in the strength of the dose. I may say that in this

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the less frequent return or complete absence of hiemoptysis.

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other compUcations were rare. Save where specifically mentioned, instances

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application of this agent to the internal organs of generation of

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peritonitis, hepatitis, bronchitis, or lobular pneumonia.

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to her, probably was given to comfort her in some trying

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in the circulatory organs brings about a general beneficial

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will be found, in very many instances, to consist in some ante-

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ed, and that they will be of lasting advantage to the public. These Li-

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from chronic diarrhoea may be attacked with camp fever or acute dys-

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This may be observed under the microscope directly.