vessels. The last stage, when permanent contraction is a

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needed to keep it in good working order are probably at the

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tonitis, might insure a better result from operative measures

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with or without the addition of fresh milk. (4) Cow's milk diluted, with-

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into shape, and then smoothed and polished. Through the terminals of the larger

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Treatment. — The lancet is rarely required. Leeches may be applied

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test of Rowntree and Geraghty, and by noting the percentage re-

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uterus raised out of the pelvis by a cyst of the right

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died of pleuro-pneumonia, or lung disease, the insides of the ribs will usually

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inquam et practicae, partem continentia. J. P. Ayroldi nunc quam

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cylinders ascending to sensory terminal centres ; they carry peripheral

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pathic physicians at the present time is that they practise ac-

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Gowers says, that for one case of error, due to a true


dead and no more definite information was obtained. Of the ten

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predisposed to it. It is also the result of violence after

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468 Le Conte, on the Science of Medicine, fyc. [August,

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others are comparatively unimportant to the practitioner, either on account

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first volume of the '' Medico-Chirurgical Transactions." A per-

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that studies with the current bacteriological technique

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that they now see nothing ol these aggravations, of which, only two

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She had tried all the various allopathic remedies that I have

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lie same groups of muscles that would be used in out-

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anchylosis, the patients remained invalids and suffered

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the form of an inunction, in vapor form, given hypodermically

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tality of war does not depend upon missiles so much as upon

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like. The impression on the force and frequency of the heart's

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Results. — In aggravated cases : dyspepsia, diarrhcea from