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a separate pen and lot (we use portable pens). Never confine her until she begins

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8,000 cells to the c.mm. Streptococcus was found in the

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Dr. E. R. Jameson, of Woburn, late TTospital Steward of the Mass,

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severe or mild, as will lessen the frequency of complications and se-

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not to allow undue exertion, as sitting up in bed or straining at stool.

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bacterial diarrhoeas oecur independently, following the ingestion of infected

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sis, that is, with the partial paralysis and anaesthesia, which we have

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child who is studying to excess is becoming exhausted ;

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creates a suspicion of tuberculosis and is a valuable guide in the

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and cholelithiasis. The loss of weight indicated an organic

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energetic, industrious and the most progressive of all the Chinese.

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tent, and physical examination ^ve the signs of general

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Young, D. S. : Influences of drug therapy on laboratory data. Labo .

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usually have been included cocci, and often streptococci. When

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intense irritants, corrosives, etc. It is specific, when it is the result of

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we use in fracture of the femur in children or the Smith or the

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£'5,000 a year was restored by a grant of the Irish Parhament. In this

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He was, however, able to keep at work as a carpenter,

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least possible strain upon this structure. The face and fore-

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valuable remedies, when judiciously given, for most

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The season passed without a fatal case from diarrho'al disease. At

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. all merchant vessels of the United States which in the ordinary course of their

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provided with a shoulder one-fourth of an inch high and perforated

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Pittman, M. A., Wilson; Jeff., 1921; Wake Forest, 1919 1924 1923

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lesion. Epithelioma occurred so frequently as a com-

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pretty constant in degree and character in the same case.

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