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Darts of the county. He says to his committee: "As I have frequently

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Mrs. G., a year ago, while coming downstairs stumbled, but

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cinchon. co. and tinct. ferri. perchlor. can be prescribed equally well in

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is much smaller than in the other diseases with which we

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of the Cortes. This means nothing more than that the

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London. Hours of Attendance.— Medical, daily, exc. S., 2 : Surgical, daily,

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Drs. EzARD, MacGrain, Meggisson, Moore, W. P. Purvis,

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importance and practical value of Sir Henry Thompson's pro-

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is capable of propagating infection. It would be interesting

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handling and kissing a book in indiscriminate use, such as

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tion of the wall of the gut, the tumours being innocent in

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occasion of the conferring of honorary degrees at the Uni-

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My main object is to consider the subject of cancer from the

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promptings of his better self, reveal the crimes which he had

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States. — With the close of 1892 TTie InternationalJournal of the

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to treat poor patients gratuitously ; the cost of a carriage and

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writing to newspapers on a subject of such importance.

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married en secondes noccs Princess Henrietta von Schleswig-

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The Aet op Feeding the Invalid. By a Medical Praeti-

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was attacked with a husky cough, and after two days died suddenly

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blishment, are placed at the disposal of the Military Department.

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22 Bbitxsh Medical Joubnal, January 21st, 1893, p. 108.

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death occurred, but several of the guests were for some time

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.yfedical Regulations, part 1, page 387, that they should be mounted. It

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goraerie Gairdner, in his isth year, third son of Professor W. T.

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have been administered, was very evident, and, as Dr. Ord

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then ; at the same time redness and cyanosis of the face and

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Thus, if the plaster bandage is properly applied, we can

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at the Mansion House on Saturday, February ISth, that being

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wound, was made aseptic. An incision, 4 inches long, was

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navy scale is over liberal, and even without examining its

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and in that way they must arrive at a definite conclusion

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tricle of the brain. We have not as yet made a sufficient

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S. G. Tippett, Westminster Hospital ; R. H. To\voead, Loudon Hos

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cians," is (according to the Athenceum) preparing a life of