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The President and Board of Trustees of the Johns Hopkins


people were dying daily, every day, all the time, year in and year

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III. Practical Cystoscopy. Demonstrations, covering the

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was born and studied medicine in Germany, and came to this

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pirations, cyanosis, inability to swallow, and unconsciousness until

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once the most convenient and harmless, and at the same time

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1861, was surgeon in charge of Gordon Hospital, Xashville. After

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ognition from the older school of medicine, and the teaching of

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injections of 35 cc. each were given at 8 and 12 p.m.

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••L.\ND OP THE SKY." The Sanatorium is especially

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• civilized people — and to that semblance of capture — a play of mock

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displayed with Mann's eosin-methylene blue solution, Mallory's

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"The abstraction of blood from the deep blood vessels into the

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the Medical School. In the purchase of the site of the Hospital, the

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ject now foremost in the minds of the profession of Texas, and

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sistance in handling a surgical condition in disturbed and violent

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Journal of the American Medical Association, 1915, lxiv, 53.

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A comparative study of infantile paralysis, animal distemper

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many important omissions. However even this disinclination is

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most infectious of all diseases, and it is infectious

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ings. Speech reactions were slow, indistinct — often degenerat-

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■ Injection of hemoglobin in man and its relation to blood de-

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But such an individual as I have described may not always have

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lence as well as in its moral disinterestedness. We live in an age

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is described as a distinct disease, in a short space.

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on white girls only a little less revolting. Eight here in Austin,

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*Read before the Brazos Valley Medical Associatiou, at Cameron, Texas,

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"The lids were cedematous and discolored. Irritated patches, evidently

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closed until the day of confinement. If, however, the dry gas has

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there was an absence of sequelae, even in instances where patients

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the territory it covers." Subscribe for the Texas Medical Jour-

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3. The Cardio -Vascular Renal Complex. Vessie, P. R.

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Observations on the etiology of goitre in brook trout, rv. The

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Practical laboratory instruction is given in the anatomy and

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William Paul Sadleb, Jb. Van Buren, Ark. 600 N. Bdway.

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son of their lack of kno'^'ing how — then should they appoint a

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but it was done by Dr. Warren and was successful. 1

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and Thomas H. Mclnnerney the damages, to be assessed by the

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Alexander Charles Hoffmeister. Athens, 0. 1622 E. Biddle St.

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Karl M. Wilson, M. D,, Associate in Clinical Obstetrics.