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Medical School and Hospital.— The seventy-fourth regular
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female sank under the bleeding which followed. Piatt B, af ^/^^
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Snyder (13) that when milk is used in a mixed diet the proteids have
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made to believe that by a distortion of the spine the hind legs
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the function of the jjhagocytes to that of " spodoferous" and " spodo-
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Although we can do nothing to cure this disease, we may do a
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At our last meeting I spoke of the use of food and drink, and laid
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they appeared to be combined. We know that the eruptive fevers may be
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not prophesying smooth things, so I cannot deny that there
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speech which seems to have been transmitted to the offspring in
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in order to open that gentleman's eyes to facts which
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with a lucid explanation of the important parts played in the
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Pathologists are agreed that venous congestion and active inflamma-
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spreading with rapid strides from bed to bed, and sweeping away at a
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Case V. — Man thirty-five years old; operated one year ago for
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total of 1285 cases of small-pox, there were 19 malignant eases,
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ters a protest against the indiscriminate bathing that washes
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“Oh, yes,” replied the chief “But, of course, now I use
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Gall's view rests on two assumptions ; first, that the instinct of generation or of reproduc-
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It has been observed clinically, says the writer, that strong
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production of pigment or tanning consequent upon the action
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confidence which may run counter to the very object
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Schaudinn (1896). Stiz. d. Berl. u. Rad. d. Wiss., p. 9Si-
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tomical aspect of the question before the fact was recognized that the bron-
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tubercle bacilli were found. After six or seven months'
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derived directly or indirectly from the analyses of Atwater
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On using a delicate tent, a strong presumption arose that there might be a
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sis Beck expresses his belief that skin-bacteria are the great
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. Sensation of whirling, of confused vision, of objects
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which is suggested by the remarks already made, for whatever may be the
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tinued, exanthematous fever. Chisholm dwells on its similarities, and
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Patricia R. Ferrara, MA, MS, and Patrick L. Remington, MD, MPH, Madison
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