a certain amount of cerebral commotion, and without
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of blood-letting, etc.," the facts and arguments on this subject are fully
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food, both animal and vegetable, contains some unknown substance essen-
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week of foetal life. The articulations begin to be formed
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shown effectiveness for at least 28 consecutive nights
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bilirubin and hematoidin, and were excreted as urobilin. Hence the
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This name is given to a disease of the nerve, found usually in
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acid, belladonna, strychnine, aloin, ipecacuanha, capsicum, or any other
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diBtingiiished from the chill that initiates acute inflammations, by the cir-
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with the former less distinct dull tone heard over the abdomen elsewhere.
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average age in the fatal cases being somewhat greater than in those in
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approximation of incidence, it is safe to say that approximately
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bruit could be heard ; the respiratory sounds, however,
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It was felt that the present was a fitting opportunity to attempt
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claire ( P i Des difierents procides d'incision pour
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wounded and sick sent to the military hospitals, four
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pital, London, and William Kent Hughes, M. B. Lond.,
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treated in the hospital with antitoxin, not one had been
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carry out, with the sanction of Parliamentary authority, in-
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From the end of 1651, Cromwell lived in official residences in
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a meal which contains no preformed lactic acid. The one rec-
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Surely the condition of the various coats of an artery cannot be
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takes place in five to eight days, and hence advised that
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admission she sutlVred tVoin nienorrhagia, the periods lasting three
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* A Ciitalogiie of the MeMcinal Plants gronino: in the State of Xew
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vice-president, the Society elected him to the highest honour it can
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the aortic murmurs co-exist with either or both of the mitral murmurs in the
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approved lines, and to furnish model architectural drawings
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iiber die Anwendung des Cocains bei Aui:en-Oper;itionen
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(51, 61), flexion of index finger (79) or flexion of middle fingers
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blessedness. The life history on earth of some of these is given
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der-a.xis fibres, but in impairment of the psychic func-
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record of a Csesarean section made in Germany, of the authen-
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lead after a while to their destruction. In fatal cases of this disease,
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60. Lie in. Uev. gen. de la gaz. des hop. Sept. 1886. 61. Idem. Diet, cncyclopulique,
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right impression to the reader of indices and abstracts when searching for
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students ; and now that all pharmaceutical chemists have to
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Definition. — This term has been applied to various morbid states,
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The term '^ certified milk" was coined by Dr. Henry L. Coit of
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are due to a change in the reaction of the methyle alcohol. A
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detect these spores and tubercle bacilli in tuberculin
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food is thoroughly disintegrated before entering the
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To collect the taxes and pay the same to the Treasurer.
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cicatrix is even, linear, and sometimes so smaU as to be scarcely percep-
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This caused me to suspect involvement of the nerves, which was found
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to this complaint. Costiveness is frequently occasioned by neglect-^ f/ -/-