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vomiting and diarrhea disappeared rather quickly. The colon was
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case any sudden swelling should obstruct the larynx, and he was
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couple of 'em likewise, and got Federal upon the rostrum at Albany to fire
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ceedingly violent — from thirty to one hundred and more a
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Operations at Guy's, IJ p.m. ; Westminster, 2 p.m.; National Orthopaedic,
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palpi, which lie slightly dorsal to it. The maxillary palpi in the fe-
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which this invagination occurs differs according to whether or not
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physiology. That training should begin at an early age in
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upon it — in other words, to the length of the column above it.
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3ii. Oil of checkerberry, gtt. xiii. Oil sassafras, gtt. vi. Oil
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by clumsy movements of the fingers. The special nerves, as a rule, jw
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for descarboethoxyloratadine, compared to individuals with normal renal
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being all young) ; but to these Dr. Wilson does not attach much importance.
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helm and others by means of the complement deviation
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deaux, 1896, xxvi, 437; 450. ■ . Le typhus k P6kin.
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extent and arrangement, or by their special tendencies, or by their dura-
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some eminent authorities who hold an opposite opinion. Among the latter may
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minutes. After this it is placed in the alcohol until decolourised.
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increase of the amorphous intercellular substance which takes part in the
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sore throat, the inhalations of hydrochlorate of ammonia often im-
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ting within all artificial generators of electricity,
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and surgical service. If he sees fit to send certain cases to a specialist, he
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and the vena portaruni are called the hepatic veins. And the
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igling in the tongue and lips, and a strange feeling for the next hour. As
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active general practice at the time the law is enacted.
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Dr. Wm. Britton, of Toronto, spent the greater part of July
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In the discussion which followed the reading of these two papers, Dr. Fordyce
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membrane, but then the laryngeal and pulmonary phenomena, being very ad-
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tion was produced by chloroform ; and the first incision had
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Case IV, that of a stenographer, used to sitting ten hours daily on a
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funnel-shaped projection, which passes through the bottom of
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The President, Dr. Barker, expressed the regret with which
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Glasorow University (M.P.., CM., 1894-), and after graduation
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report before us, than by what it has failed to notice. We believe that the Board
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the infected body. Specific poisons have not been discovered for most
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plete failures, from causes above detailed, and for which
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the limb is to be extended, in order to produce afresh injury: the bones must
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conclusions from these two cases. He only mentions uro-
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also enforce education for children under 13 years of
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of circulation, and impairment of the muscular apparatus of