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should suggest a local cause for the inflammation of the serous
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Professor of Histology and Pathology at the New York Post-Graduate
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surgeon to believe that a true neuroma was and admitted under Mr. Birkett's care,
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aged, was especially fatal. In these asthenic cases, I believe it is almost
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exposed to pressure or friction. As soon as the blister rises, apply
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are best. Alcohol is to be avoided unless in the form of very light wine.
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in such arrangements, even when these are palpable. —
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in four other cases the appearance of the reaction was nor-
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the unnatural stimulation which arises from the in-
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1863.] Pharmacopoeia of the United States of America. 437
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and reason from symptoms, where, probably, a fracture
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tered to the nurse, every time that a child was suckled
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the tumor mass was somewhat kidney-shaped, irregular in outline, and
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Dr. St.. John made special reference to the case in
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not unlike that of apoplexy, the breathing being slow and ster-
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