Excision of Spleen. — Sir : The following sentences, which occur
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tion of all other applicants these " culls " are then subjected to what-
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Department of the Army sustains a serious loss. Still
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be printed in that language. W' hether they took notes
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admitted, — 144 operations performed, — with a mortality record
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brief flulike syndrome, she has not had any other evidence of
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the first, or soon become, pale and wasted ; they have a dull, opaque, yellow,
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every night, beginning five days before the time of the period : —
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Some tubes contained an excess of cells, differing little in appearance from the
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they were a gentle people, of fixed habits, given to assembling in large
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of Eichardson and Horton- Smith, typhoid bacilluria is regarded as
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and it struck me that child was a neurotic baby, and that the nervous
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the following history. Ten days previously, while «ulKing on
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age and pregnancy are also dangerous complications.
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now been made to signify a peculiar structure of microscopic
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operations after delivery. Some of the instances of abortion
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per year. Each style is furnished with pocket, pencil and rubber,
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In Table 10 are grouped seventeen cases representing as many
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" Liver : The hepatic cells wore no longer recognisablo as
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all cases of furious rabies the stomach is gorged with foreign bodies, such
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care not to use the word *' female " as meaning a woman.
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"Nur Solis-Cohen hat die Wichtigkeit, die Haufigkeit und die klinische Stellung
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[was heavy and drowsy, though easily aroused. Temperature,
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the diphtheritic process and the erysipelatous, espec-
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method we imitate to an extent the normal physiologi-
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It is an anaerobic bacillus growing in threads ; the bacilli are
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tilt reinfection through additional sexual contacts was likely. Such cases were judged to be reinfections rather than relapses or
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acts as a poison when it so circulates. Profuse, cold, clammy
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severe in the areas supplied hy the infra-orbital, the siijira-
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only means of eradicating this fell scourge ? May it not be hoped
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7, the Tongue ; 8, the Gums ; 9, the Antrum ; 10, the Pal-
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amount of discharge from the bowels and stomach, while Dr.