It is the aim of this paper to point out the varieties

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The identification and isolation of various bacilli causative


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a faithful sentinel upon his watch tower anxiously awaiting die

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Such facts !is these ought always l(» be remembere*!

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Jahresh. (1895), 1890, xxxii, 79 - 84. . Gallicin ein

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infected are the coasts of New Guinea (Kaiser Wilhelm's land), Fin-

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thing worthy of being extracted into our pages. And yet this

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Bran of wheat is an excellent food for horses. It should not be

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at first a success. He soon had plenty of students living with him,

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investigation, found that of 674 cases, 152 occurred between the ages

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cut off from a given part ; that (/3) it is not disintegrated

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1898 Lindsay, James A., M.D., F.R.C.P. London, Professor of Practice of

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to treatment ; for this improvement is not revealed by the physical

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culous subjects in nearly equal proportions. It fur-

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might be of influence. The reproduction of neoplasmic cells requires

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There are several methods of treating stone in the female which have

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tained signs of anesthesia five to eight minutes after

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healthy growth was suppurating, little pits being left corre-

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1 diagnose as bronchitis — sub-acute, with some pulmo-

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viUe's account, abbreviated wherever it seemed practicable

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had not been moved for three days. The following evening,

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operation table, or very soon after removal from it.]

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also be present in considerable amount in the free state. A variable

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Newcastle School of Medicine (Durham University) — Secretary,

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fat remaining the same in each case. But reduce the albu-

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and already over 5000 copies have been distributed.

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head, while of wine there is not consumed more than

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of them had noticed the increase in the number of fleas, which they attri-

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An Rpts, 1945, 5th and 7th SvC Surgs; An Rpt, 1944,

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even pitched out of it. In the worst fonns of diorea, the patients are

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the usu^ quantity. In the second and third weeks it increases, and at

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symptoms of paralytic dementia. I am in accord with Dr. Julius

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ledge of the facts other than that gained from the state-

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te suspended in their Hall on the day after meeting, we shaU

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fever contrast with these statements, let the honored

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muscular contractions due to purely physical causes. It

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and ebullition of the blood caused the disease, and as the

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following this plan of treatment quite faithfully, and in

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medical society. The right of appeal to the state medical

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on ordering the patient to recline at full length, the pulse, after three

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tnbeicolar, or sub-mucous and gummatous. The former are especially

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Record of July 13, 1889 : " Sterilization is accomplished

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brought to bear upon everything connected with fever. We

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work. No doubt that is " an o'er true tale," and it might go

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analgesic effect. Even when insufficient alone to control

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tion of your Honorary Secretary, Dr. William Roberts,

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33 in 433 cases of lithotrity, and 39 in 78 cases of li-