entirely in the nervous system, the nutrition of the tissues being only
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tion of cardiac pulsations at or immediately follow-
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he was fighting, received from the former a violent kick in his private parts.
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The inoculation experiment undertaken by me in connection with the
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plieations which arise in its progress. The moat important of these are
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some members have suffered from asthma. Patient has suf-
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tion of the brain, as indicated by delirium, passing into coma, and
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of the age, he was nevertheless able to bring himself into touch with
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than a year ago it had been distinctly stated that a considerable propor-
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than ordinary baths ; 3, the difference in the abstraction
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tering the drng can do so with intelligence and satisfaction. In the Chapter
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in the body of the insect, whence it is again deposited into a healthy rat
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expressly to malignant fever ; one to petechial fever, one to typhus,
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• Interprofessional Code — An instrument for better
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Avhen he turns or bends. If he coughs he does it care-
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is rarely if ever met with as an element of ordinary hemiplegia. It has
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to the task. Where will you find a man engaged in the practice of
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witnessed in all families which this disease has invaded.
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lar in size; whitish in colour; transparent in the centre, and opalescent on the
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dition of physical deterioration he then found himself. The clinical history
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abhorrence of coldness, a bitter taste in the mouth, a dry feeling in
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Fixed water-closets there indeed are beside the rooms, but
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general condition most unfavourable. Turpentine was
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measures were at once instituted, but the sickness did not abate until the approach
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ital. de biol , Turin, 1896-7, xxvi, 253-278. — Bran<l«-n>
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its natural condition ; any leucocytes which may have escaped into the
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the drug was employed. Dr. Denham had come to the conclusion that, when