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Allihn's method. Calculated as dextrose this would represent a
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meeting of this Society, April 10, the following officers were
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to act more directly upon the sensory nerves, and to transmit their
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This enables us to differentiate lung dulness and trace the line
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pathologist at St. Joseph Hospital in Marshfield. He
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" This means that, at the very least, one-third of the mem-
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Bank), with orders, payable to EDWARD DARKE, Secretary.
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same evening, and the next day both morning and evening, and in the
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In a single instance among the large number collected by Dr. Jenner, in
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times chronic. The acute form is attended with smart fever, the
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came, the more miserably selfish, the more destitute of any high moral sense, and
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sional instruction by a course of lectures and attend-
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Fig. 13. Epistaxis in a guinea pig inoculated with a culture of Leptospira
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freely admitted, but the minutest details explained, yet the examina-
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Gynecological Society were criticised with some se-
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would not be found in cases of dropsy due to other causes.
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Eade, of Norwich. From that date up to seven weeks before his
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R. P. HUGHES, JR., M.D. S. R. MCEWEN, M.D., Emeritus
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the action of the heart in one of them, provided their vessels
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dressings. Powders may simply be dusted on the skin, but thero
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The circumstance, that children often die of croup, who, during lif^
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exertion and suffer less from hypertrophy. Tuberculosis and
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languid and vomited. An enema and a dose of castor oil were
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lutions of the Council in favour of such combinations. It ha»
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przyr., Krals<jw, 1895, 2. s., vii, 315-327, ] pi.'— Frank (0.)
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and highest brain centers gives one much respect for the possi-
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is more marked in different organs according to the quantity of blood
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which recover, the powers of the system are generally im|)aired for a long
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One, living in a distant city, passed from under my