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He has made use of it in the form of a 1 or 2 per cent, solution in

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14*2 per cent. Further, many more cases are cured after thyrotomy,

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In closing his address, a plea was made for a “sustaining core.” He

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blood-stains are old, then even thorough scouring will not delete them ;

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effecting it were the grand desideratum. These assumptions were,

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fants should be taken daily, in the early morning or even-

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county. This of necessity results in the passing of teachers' examinations


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Adanis-Stokes' si/ndruDic; chrouic mijocarditis ; Jiyprrtroplii/ mul diUiltilion of

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cases in the wards, but the house-physician remarked

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of collegiate and professional courses. Feeling the force of this

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dal, are parched and eaten dry. As will be shown later, the

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years previous to the operation, and in one case reported

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covering the wound with the mouth of the dropping-tube,

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sufficient amount to control the pain (see note below). Also

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in Bridgeport, Conn., to see a patient in the neighbor-

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sis, and in other ways, destroy the injurious organisms.

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by bandaging. On May 10th all ulcers had cicatrized and the

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After-history. — Dr. Russell writes: "January 31, 1900. — Patient

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headache was continuous, and worse at night. The attacks of hemiplegia returned

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doubtless, impregnated with the poison. Another pos-

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and chemistry, and three rooms for private research

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resulted from very moderate pressure on the air-passages.

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2. The excitability of various parts of the spinal cord is a

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(linseed oil j4 to i pint) and injections of warm water. Sulphate

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Foot-and-mouth disease has a special interest on account of the

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tricular systole persists, and gives rise to the uniform systolic

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As previously stated, the occurrence of numerous small foci of disease


usually employed, with guinea-pig complement. Antigen is prepared

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the views of observers in all countries. The amount