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involves those excessive efforts, those anxious toils and corroding cares which eat
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8 P.M. Dr. Shortt, " On Woman's Life in Soutlieni India";
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occupants of the best-lighted rooms in prisons are much
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one situated in all probability in parts posterior to the motor
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into the vaginal sheaths surrounding the optic nerves and into the nerve
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percent, well or alive, 88*8 per cent, dead ; Group 111 (224), 28*5 per
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pay all trouble and loss of time by the often apparent-
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designated and discussed under the generic titles of malaria and marsh
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ment. Ann. Ophth. & Otol., St. Louis, 1896, v, 263-206.—
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withstanding the trifling character of the symptoms at the outset of the-
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sabril (vigabatrin) oral solution
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a serious matter, under all circumstances, and of so
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viscera were covered only by peritoneum as a protection,
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was found to extend as high as the third intercostal
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recommendation by the National Advisory Heart Coun-
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In reference to douching, douches were used in these three
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vision was alleged to occur, although I have not failed to inquire con-
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duction of his pencil, exhibits a faithful likeness of
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inspired with an admirable piece of tactics to secure his release
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risk, such a course was justifiable, but now that proper care
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very doubtful benefit to a student to let him apply aconitine to,
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Discussion. Dr. A. M. Cartledge : The paper covers the ground so
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tion.— This case is reported by T. L. Chadbourne' from the
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method of caring for the baby and bringing it up in a healthy, normal
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behind a raw surface so that mastication is painful. Both the free hydrochloric
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malefactor is to be punished or treated with indignity,
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infectious diseases are most commonly observed in regions infected with