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coryza. From the time of the subsidence of this attack, the nasal mucous

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oxygen gas enters the blood, in the state of gas» Under this

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the nervous impulse ceases because of some abnormal-

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economy. the secondary scab forming in its place is

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L (1909)- Bulletin de la Societe de Pathologie Exotique, 304.

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brought to bear upon everything connected with fever. We

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dition of the bowels should be carefully regulated ; and large doses of

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cases. Theintestine and peritoneum are involved in only the

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in coping with their illness, its treatment, the inevitable family

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no vaccine cicatrix, was 21 1 per cent.; among those who had one cicatrix, 7^

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Campagna, where workmen from all parts of Italy are employed in

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out their work in the most efficient manner, and capable and desirous

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cular diathesis is hereditary. The first symptoms of the disease are

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lining membrane of both lungs, when the case becomes one of dan-

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falling under a still more bitter tooth than original poverty —

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disappeared and returned much too rapidly to be inflammatory. In

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geons. It is well known that large numbers of children are

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their economic value to the State^ but would be of value also to preventive

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tain element of danger in a lumbar puncture, since the altered condi-

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we have been erecting. Much of our best work has been

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imize this important question, yet it is capable , of easy

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4. Essenson, Lawrence, and Ginsburg, Leon: Volvulus of the

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the dough, together with a wineglass of wine, or brandy, a

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restoration will not take place spontaneously, but that persevering efforts

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The Preliminary Course will begin on the second Monday in September.

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roots of the trigeminus. Yarious systemic states, and various

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quin's Serum which from a scientific standpoint are simply childish when

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