had held for many years that the |>oint aiuK d at in

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however, the vomiting returned and a second operation was

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one case the deformity was congenital ; in the other it

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Galen, the Roman quacks equalled, if they did not ex-

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imaginary gifts of nature, that they prove the cause of their own destruc-

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retardation are characteristic of malignant tertian infections. This simply means

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the best mode of cure. But the, principles involved in the nature of

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also noted that the veins of the neck were distended and pul-

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often, indeed, their fangs actually protrude through the maxil-

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earliest known case, for Dr. Eden has kindly told me of a case recorded

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14. William S., set. 1 year, 7 months. CoMrrhus intestinalis. Mild^

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ment was required, Sir George Grey declined to sanction the admii-

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are dextrorotatory and reduce an alkaline solution of copper. Maltose is fermented

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afforded by the burrows of the itch-mite, which, with a little care tad

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fatal certainly within five years, generally in two or three years, and sometimes

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roots. The cereals recovered from their unhealthy appearance, and there

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Kragujcvatz Garrison, August 14, 1914, to May 13, 1915.

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pain in the limbs, more or less emaciation, and muscular debility. Pain in the

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it ffraduallv but steadilv increased in size, until in Februarv, 1904,

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that the lungs and heart are organically sound ; but

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with clean healthy bile, and its putrid contents got rid of. In many cases

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through the skin and subcutaneous cellular tissue to the

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and (4) that there is less likelihood of trauma to the gastric

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The following case is presented not for its own intrin-

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which might be mistaken for ureteral calculi that we feel one is hardly

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geons, but must reluctantly admit that a great majority of physicians

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He divides micrognathia into congenital and acquired varieties. The

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development of the foetuses the subject of superfoeta-

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theria. It rests with him as being the first man that ever carried a dose

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is certainly formed in other parts of the body than the liver, and it

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not in contact but simply ajiproximated within a few feet of the

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this school corresponded the so-called Dogmatic School of

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himself to the new conditions by a few weeks of comparative rest.

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