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Referral of Employees to Private Physicians and Dentists . . . EH- 5

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a few weeks or a few months. If recovery does not occur within this

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and the liquid is guaranteed to maintain its purity indefinitely.

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80 to speak, in dependence on some specific lesion or the presence of some

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xii, 340- 342.— Hilbcrt (E.) Ueber die Wirkung des

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Supplement which he has found it necessary to add to this work

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numbered 1 ,352 as compared with 22,676 men. In Canada

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have abated ; after which the same dose may be con-

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1887, 7. s., iv, 565. . De ratt6nuatlon spontan6e de

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secondary list will be found koosso, wahoo, yellow jessamine, cotton root,

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(B), and to the extending band after it passes over the

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Committee or the warrant of 1858. The Medical officers,

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enzym, but to stimulate the production of the corresponding enzym,


return of sensation in the right foot. The right leg keeps

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At a meeting of one of the sections of the Interna-

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in the colorless fluid; these remain on the diaper, while the fluid partly

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sixth or more of the adult females have contracted gon-

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provided the patient is young and healthy, complete recovery

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this evening, remarked that we were going to hear some

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distended vessels filled with poisonous products, cut off

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tism is to be disting^hed as pol3rarthritis acuta rheumadca seu idio-

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these arrangements are but temporary and incomplete ; the patient suflers

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importance, as it enables the reptile to store the venom. Into this

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infected. The cervical lymph nodes show the greatest enlargement,

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follow an accident, and are .sometimes quickly recovered

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was then performed by the surgeon. Mr. Rothmund, with the view of inducing

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decreased number of live fetuses, and depressed fetal weights. On intra-

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patients, exclusive of those sufl'ering from itch, who

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dure that it shall survive longer, and that it shall