was resting comfortably, having a pulse of about 100,

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As for the replies given to the Commissioners of Lunacy by

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(From the Hospital of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York)

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Chloroform Mellish considers distinctly more dangerous than

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1. That both the surgeon and the public have believed they were

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disease without any apparent lesion of the perceptive

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quired by vascularity. If the appendix has been thus sepa-

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A Medical Populist. — The Medical Sentinel says that

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would be no particular difficulty in closing this wound

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the local board of health, and consequently no care was

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head, 1— throat distemper, 5— measles, 14— bilious fever, 9— inflammation of the stomach, 1— inflam-

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Court or jurynmst depend upon the intelligence of the witness, as mani-

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taking the greatest risks. He finds also, by examining the

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the best, as simple endocarditis may be attended with the formation of ulcers,


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were materially influenced by its being initiated early

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but there was some delay in obtaining this, and in the mean-

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back of the hands; (4) mental torpor, or even idiocy,

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Of these 84 were among men, and 35 among women. Of the 84

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the two cases. This firedamp, which seems to be the Globe's

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Board." In their Annual Report for this year, the Trustees

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Professor Cohn (Beilrdge zwr Biologie der PJlanzen, ii. 2, 1876, p.

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the ovary at the point of attachment of the ovarian fimbria. The

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devoted to the medical sciences. Simple case studies or reports will not be considered

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tubules, it is accounted for in the former by the adventitious

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deeply indebted for the careful and painstaking manner

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blue were still everywhere to the fore; many of the

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who advance furthest, trust most in, and receive most profit from,

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particular patient's problems in fitting. This has resulted in a more

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muscles of the e^/e-ball, — the disease was in all probability, in

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within its cavity of those clots by which the spasmodic action is

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sipped slowly, during ten or fifteen minutes. In case of marked

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cord ; pathologic changes were also found in the cells of the nuclei of

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erheben, an welchem die betreffenden Untersuchungen zur Zeit der

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causing the nephritis. While this is presumably so, it may often be that the

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hope of long life and much joy. The long life was yet

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return to the expiratory position through the agency of

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globulin present, sugar negative ; a culture of the fluid was also

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twenty hours after scarification a red-violet hemorrhage

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everything. I said her breath is infectious. The other

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treated as a simple case of inflammation of the stomach.

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treatment can be much developed in general use until

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convulsions. Bulimia may exist as a neurose affection— that is,

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of the pulmonary artery is often without any effect, at other times, especially

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tumor upon the integument of the back. The patient's general

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thesia. A four-per-cent. solution of cocaine was applied to the

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extent discernible in writing; the arms were only involved to the extent

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an end in itself to which he subserves the application

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made of late to our stock of nervine remedies should not

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Can it be doubted that the well-water had become impregnated with the

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miasms outside of the body, the periods of incubation and

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first place, what power this amendment, or the motion itself, leaves in