we reached Detroit, as did another. Arriving there, we
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ordinary character, are connected with and seem dependent on affec-
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Staatskrankenh., Waudsbek-Hamb., 1893, 8. Hft., pi. F15,
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operations for excision of the knee-joint that have been performed
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similarity of individuals than Berkshires and Polands, but are readily
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organs are vigorous, it never forms any thing hke coffee-grounds in the
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Repts. 1859, p. 281. — 27. Herringham. "Hematoma of Dura Mater," Path. Trans.
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rather than by war ; as in that case the bodies would have been chiefly
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themselves to the application of light energy better than
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faintness, and Dr. Page dwelt especially on distinct evi-
filtered, slightly acidulated with acetic acid, and care-
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In the fixed and stained preparations it is seen that the
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method for cases which have already been operated upon by the old
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a student who had the ability of regurgitating his food ad
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and uneven staining. It is interesting to note that Captain Blanton in his "Report
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basis for the appreciafion of the practical bearmgs
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hut where it exists, it may be looked upon as indicating
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there is no great loss of strength, and the patients, generally, recover
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branches — the lachrymal, the frontal, and the nasal. The paralysis of this
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25 to 34 millimetres in length and 0-273 to 0430 millimetre in
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contrast with non-tuberculous posterior basic meningitis, in which, if life
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hysteria and that there is no organic disease of the nervous
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caped recurrence. Kocher reports six cases, all alive
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outline of their medical course, such as is required in
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1. Hui(8 may be immunized at^ainst bog cholera by the simul-
keeps up its ravages till it has at last left the skeleton bared
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a number of times, the number and severity of the at-
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vix uteri or perineum. The child was alive and all right.
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exclusively, due to the sudden rormation of fresh coaf^ula in the heart, but chiefly
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over the anus and the cutaneous surface of the parts
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labours, are so simple that a child may comprehend them f Can
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I shall not attempt in this place to discuss the treatment of pyrexia by
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doubt in my mind. However, its acuminate papules, dry, of a bright-
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and fleshy and seemed to be solid, but when the patient was anaesthetized
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The plasma may leave the husk in the form of a finely-granu-
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portant of any that we have considered. Such consti-
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Pupil, State of, during Anaesthesia from Chloroform, . . 549
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'■seaaes. Among the different ages, childhood has the greatest quota
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Our insured physician had seen the plaintiff on almost