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of lemonade is given before the sweat and during it, if the patient desires.

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August 13-18— Hawaiian Seminar on Clinical Anesthesia. California

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XXXVIII, 1895. (This paper gives the results of four years'

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ing on the hairs of the part rubbed was much less painful than

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fever, with cough and pains in the chest ; there was evidence of condensation of

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every hour. Six hours after, nausea; temperature 101.5 ; pulse

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transportation and storage and for the experts who made the period-

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accident which occurred on the 15th day, when he noticed in the morning

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state, are about the size of a large almond, but this one in its

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disease in patients with impaired host defenses against infec-

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mention is made of spectacles. So far as now appears, this

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than those it performs for public health work. Therefore, it seems to

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when diphtheria or other specific process is suspected. Palpation may

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verse diameter between the tuber ischii much shortened.

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sphincter ani. In forty-five cases the lacerations were cured

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The application of one third traction and two thirds lateral movement, as is

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during which he seemed to improve, but when he started to

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the part of druggists who may be ignorant of Latin. Yet the

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hensive views, such as, with respect to diseases, we can arrive

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tember 23, i8gi, I took the ground that, underlying the

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sinus is always accompanied with headache and often with severe neuralgia.

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recognized by its tardy progress, the destructive tendency

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or melaena occurring in the case of one who gives a clear history

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constitution and previous health were good in one-half of the cases which

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The wounds were dressed with gauze moistened in a solution of

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hard, flesh-colored to copper-colored, dark, pigmented specific papides or

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In favour of the theory are the following facts : — (1) Carcinoma

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site of the organ, but in a painful area of skin often remote from it.

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