Rest. — Functional and mechanical rest is of the greatest importance

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living on the effete material or the excreta. They are found in the

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ment of the throat symptoms is preceded or accompanied by constitu-

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such as ammonia, creosote, etc., and local applications of iron, nitrate of

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liable to die suddenly. Asystolism is generally accompanied by a diffused

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be ap})lied over the tumor, followed by poultices and, later, by counter-

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tinct reflex origin. In this class are included those in which the asthmatic

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Bassini's method of operation for radical cure of femoral

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appear suddenly vithoiit ooiistitiitioiiul disturhanceH. A foehlc and irrc;^-

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heart, the amount of blood in the arteries is increased and that in the veins

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As soon as the cholera discbarges undergo decomposition, the bacillus is

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quiet stomach, slight and late jaundice, a moderate degree of fever, and

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may be restored by means of operation, but this is rarely necessary.

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supply, and to removing lesions affecting the nerve and blood supply

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Dislocation of the Radius Outward is rare. The head of the bone is

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the coronary arteries. Xerves which have been separated from their nerve-

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In this, the ordinary form of scarlatina, when it runs its ordinary course,

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catarrh, the pain in the epigastric region is constant, frequently shoot-

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tumors are sarcoma (rare) and carcinoma. The signs of malignant

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disintegrated epithelium and blood globules ; it resembles fibrinous in-

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Treatment. — Since the specific poison of typhoid fever is contained in

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day, and can estimate how long an interval of rest they will have between

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elevated patches are made up of embryonic cells arranged in parallel lines.

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antecedent history is known and appreciated, and a subsequent urinary

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evidently due to infection introduced by the operator.

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tilagenous tumors. Of the malignant tumors, the sarcoma is the most

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F. There are some quite extensive marshes in which, apparently, every con-

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superficial sores of an ashy-gray hue occur at points most favorable for

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been followed by good results ; but in at least one case of (ileo-femoral)

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pressure of enlarged lymphatic glands, tumors of the pancreas, omentum,

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in places very remote from the origin of the poison. The poison is also

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This has been called famine and seven-day fever, synoclia, typMnia,

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cine vesicle, — the axillary gland, if the vesicle is upon the arm, the inguinal,

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Symptoms. — The symptoms of simple hyperaemia of the spleen are usually

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nearly every case. Temporary or permanent blindness, squint, double

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count for its absence : first, during the contraction of the new connective-

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breaks down and ulcerates. This ulcerative process often extends into

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chill, vomiting, and sweats. The pulse is rapid and the fever ranges

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Interstitial pneumonia is a fibroid induration of the lung due to chronic,

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by arterial pulsation, a jerking pulse, or left voii(riciilar dihitatiiMi and hy-

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and, to some extent, upon individual idiosyncrasies.

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which immediately succeeds it, like a glove-finger drawn partially within

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Physical Signs. — Inspection. In extensive tricuspid disease, the area of