are very fatal. Complications arise that will most seriously endanger life.
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may be a stiff neck, a sore throat, a slight muscle
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infant’s respiratory distress appeared to improve
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record and what can really be deduced from the records.
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would include among these the alexins or defensive proteids of blood
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(G.) Mediterranean or Malta fever, with special reference
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nothing was left which might afterward cause him trouble and
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find that in quite a large proportion of tliese cases the bladder mucosa
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Speaking of tuberculosis (called by him "phtMsis"),
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in regard to the Bill." The hon. secretary was directed to
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vous system, while in others they are not borne at all. These are,
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highly recommend. Either the night-dress or a towel should be placed
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important one being, that as regards accuracy in several particulars,
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antitoxin, but there are notable exceptions to this rule. Metchnikoff
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von den Iranniatisclien Epitlield .<;tcii. Denl.sclie Ztsclir.
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symptoms, and pathology of tabes, I propose, before turning to diagnosis
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ined him a few months ago, and he was practically well.
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growths sometimes become very large, and the uterus enlarges
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professor of anatomy in theL'niversity of Pennsylvania
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a •■sickness survey" of Boston; like the survey made
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the exact force of the circulation, in a particidar instance, to be
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scriptions, etc. Then we have two devoted to miscellaneous memoranda and two
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peevish ; and although indulgent to the faults of those around
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by the age at which reproduction is possible. From the point of view of
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good all the time. He persisted in being at work up
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treatment (see hydrophobia) ; the wound should be speedily and
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monkeys, 98 and 102, later received massive inoculations by three
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This is an excellent manual for not only nurses, as was originally
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authors ascribe the influences of malaria to living animalcular irrita-
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nal Derangements of the Knee- Joint. W. J. Walsham.
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in cases of irregular and difficult menstruations. In one case, a girl of twenty, who
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from the gland, its presence is not indicated by any colored constituent;
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from the blinding' influence of eiToneous theories, the
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moft unnecefl^irily large, attached to them, capable of exciting,
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nse of Volunteer Officers and Soldiers. By Dr. John Ordronaux.
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and other diagnostic tests without evidence or indication