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tongne, without any disturbance of tactile sensibility. In 1858 Bernard

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of the ciliary nerves passing through it there are small round cells

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It is strange that questions apparently of so easy solution when referred

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articulate or swallow. There was a large ulcer on his chin and left

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bia J it was thought to arise from the coldness of the air ; but

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normal at once, and, without the use of any stimulant, the action of

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in addition to tremor there may be nystagmus-like twitchings of the eye-

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tomy — a new fracture. Canal reopened, projecting part of body re-

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majority of this group (685) were housed in dormitories and fra-

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intrusion of absolute power into the sanctuary of science,

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Of 1557 cases of appendicitis collected from the annual reports of

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coin, with a surface approaching to convexity, soniewhat flattened at tlie

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:;here is no danger of the escape of the contents into the peritoneal

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fant would be equally safe, whether nursed by its own

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ing prostatic tuberculosis by local medication there is little

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that this view is erroneous. During a quarrel one man struck another a

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For students of Medicine, there existed in the old College

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never seen a case in point. It is difficult to conceive of a dis-

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tive treatment of pneumonia therefore resolves itself upon

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the syphUitic poison. The treatment of syphilis is very little

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maintained. The author says that tolysal is deserving of further inv<

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every three hours would be of greater value possibly.

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felt toward human life, and the requirements of the Code :

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It is not always best to inform the patient that water is the

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appointed to confer with the Constitutional Convention :

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PLANNING CRITERIA. The factors used to guide devel-

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title, was read before the Odontological Society of the