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From analogy, may we not indulge the hope that the practice of

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The action of the skin in lead poisoning is apparent

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riiage^ confined to a small and sharply-defined section of the lung, and

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At the time of his death. Dr. Adkins was serving as public

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obtuseness, the left temple increases in acuteness. This is in the post-

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of the blood in the anastomosing capillaries agrees perfectly with what

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to leave little doubt that the condition in that case was congenital. Probably

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destroyed, and only products of degeneration and inflammation may be

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Ashland W. T. Rinehart, Ashland. N. N. Glim, Ashland.

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i8h-}-ellow fatty mass, and microscopically the fibers were

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lives. Besides the oil, and as a corroborant of its effects, so to speak,

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the object of the experiment will be necessarily frustrated unless it

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asylum for idiots for the Midland counties, on the basis of a

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four to six times daily. As aids to the treatment, the use

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different branches of medicine are so connected together, that they cannot be

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ment, uninfluenced by prejudice, either professional

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Judging from the appearance of the costal margin the disease had

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It may be more mild or more severe, may appear early or late, but

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Br. Abell : I have here some specimens of gall stones that are

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degenerated cylindric cells, nuclei, round-cells, and a homogeneous, trans-

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It has been possible in this way to irrigate each lung with about

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benefit. She has, however, at last regained in a great measure the power of