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abscess is proportionately common. There can be no question of the
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makes it quite clear that the condition arises from the action of an
size but in enormous numbers ; when chronic, fewer and larger, and
are uniformly diffused through the liver, and there is a great increase of
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the nodules should be touched with the following ointment : — Acid salicyl.,
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from the intestinal tract and set up an osteomyelitis, which can only thus
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/^ and somewhat glistening. At or near its centre a
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invade the body. In the lungs they multiply, set up fresh colonies, and
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bacterial invaders where the serous layer is weakened.
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o^rcat man, and that principally .for this obvious reafon : Nature,
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years who complained of pain in her back which had been so severe
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partments are all more or less dangerous. In the manufacture of " safety "
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per cent, of all human mortality is due to acute or chronic infections.
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common in women as in men. Secondary deposits in the liver and the
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4. The abdomen is opened by a high two inch incision through the
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assistance takes the form of a manual rotation followed by a forceps
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Strands of surviving mucous membrane may also be seen, which are
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that there are parent trichinae in the alimentary canal, should be encour-
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Sick Children in Toronto, the writer looks back with some pride at the
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examination of scrapings of the floor may clear up the diagnosis.
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very small, and is not associated with nephritis ; in a few cases it is more
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proper, unlefs there be manifeft tokens of fever and
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horfe,^and makes him rejeft it as fafl as it goes in ;
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diagnosis can arise. Earely, however, in certain severe cases already
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used in the surgical treatment of cancer. As the active ingredient of a
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Hungary in 17 12, imputed chiefly to the very fudden and ex-
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blood from a healthy to an anaemic individual cannot be said to be of
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of the virus. The immunity thus induced is only a relative one ; so that
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evidence may be obtained by examination of the eyes, and the finding of
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gouty deposits in the joints of a patient suffering from rheumatoid arthritis
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the case. If the severe signs persist some time, and the patient is dying,
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urine is always scanty, sometimes almost entirely suppressed, and it may
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of the local condition and its oiierative trcatnu'ut is the first essen-
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and the near hind feet, lighting together on the ground ; the near
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with coffee or tea. In changing from the liquid to the solid diet, great
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the defire for filt is much greater in cattle and horfes
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the bile and concentrated in the gall-bladder. The second series of
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during the winter, but both day and night in the fum-
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bed; but when fever is only slight, the morning temperatures normal, and but
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it in diastole. In medium doses, it at first accelerates and then retards
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was then tried. When these capsules were administered it was found
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such as resorcin. betanaphthol, epithelial stimulants like sudan red.
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doubtful ones, and by some are erroneously called " diphtheritic throat,"
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is clammy from mucus. Salivation frequently occurs from gastric irrita-