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8 P.M. Dr. Shortt, " On Woman's Life in Soutlieni India";

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Such eczemas in other parts usually heal without diffi-

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pulse is smaller and more frequent, the body covered with cold sweat,

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22, in Table II, the only part of the period in which the excretion

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foetus is not a simple plastic mass, subject, without disturbance, to

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be seen in the subjoined sketch (Fig. 1-5), taken from a tliii*.

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Per cent, of injected uric acid excreted = 22 per cent.

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of the second week after the operation, and later, in the fourth and fifth

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in diminishing its sensitiveness to heat. Thinness of

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Griffith, F. W., Asheville, Johns Hopkins, 1906 1911 1912

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Complications and Results. — The naso-pharynx, the pharynx, and even

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such operations as the only available means of saving

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As already intimated, the manner of reciting prayers,

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effecting it were the grand desideratum. These assumptions were,