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Oral contraceptives are complex medications and, after
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“May I at least recommend a trial of this method,
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polynuclear cells containing diplococci. The failure of the diplococcus to grow
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1886, i, 529-531. Also: J. Anat. &] Physiol., Loud.,
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opinion regarding the possibility of ill effects resulting from their use.
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in the powder for ten or fifteen minutes twice a day.
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It is well known that the buffy or sthenic appearance of the
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Trachea, or windpipe. 18. Right bronchus. 19. Left bronchus. 20 not quite Ol _ bo bimp
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Bladder and Fundament ; of Diseases it signifies such as generally infect those
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Director-General and communicated to the Professors of the
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instituted by Dr. Bocker, which show that it restricts the waste
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ning first with the weaker solution and applying it twice a daj^, is a
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of the head. It should never be bright and glary, but should be soft and mild;
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Aua^lhetic and Sedative Properties of Bichloride of Carbon 394
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anaesthesia ai'e present in the upper limbs, and these symptoms may be accom-
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dali. Arch. ital. di clin. med., Milano, 1895, xxxiv, 218-
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order ;. in fatal cases death during third or fourth week;
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become useful in defending the country. " This revolting custom,
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tion ; the discharges of urine are very irregular ; often very scant and
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aortic aneurism. (5) Obstruction to the venous circulation
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via will suffice without the application of cold. Food and drinks should
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lax abdominal wall, with very distended portion of intestine, probably
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Gr. hepog other + l>k nose + ir^deaetv to fonn.]