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relieved from duty at Fort Custer, Montana, upon the

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be the source of mischief. The use of quinine and iron is

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ery followed promptly. I must say that I never saw such an amount


cations of ice, to electricity, we must add certain

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The patient should receive full doses of morphine and atropine hypo-

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Pediatric Conference, first Tuesday, 12:30 p.m., LaHarpe de Paul Room. A meal is provided.

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with considerable confidence, and yet, as the result proved, erroneously.

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8. The olecranon is stripped of periosteum and sawed off.

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and lipoma ; a third is the cystic lipoma ; and the last which we

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forms of disturbance first mentioned, namely, rapid action either violent or

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posed to know his bones as well as his A, B, Cā€” could bo much

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nurses, and attendants in our Hospitals was urged by Dr.

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1899, xvi, 73-87, 2pl.ā€” TboriMliUr (E.) A noteou thepsy-

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Litchfield: "Slow Pulse following Diphtheria," "Australasian Med. Gaz.," S5'dne}'-,

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Many signs of inflammation, especially of the mucous membrane, dis-

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extremity of the coccyx, and there " impinges upon it, as upon a fulcrum,

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same organ of the control contained no such follicle, the largest

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The fetus is probably not the only source of the hormone ; at puberty the

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clear serum issued for some time through the canula,bnt at length

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topics of debate in the general session for many years past.

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Kocher himself has become an earnest advocate of the

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typhoid condition. In some cases there are found at the autopsy the

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ing ; and he believed that the good result; the ends of the bones are so nearly approxi-

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WA.tTmt'^'^oaL Meteorology. (A good acconnt of instruments and

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toward the citrate method now in vogue. So far as I can learn, Crile

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pasture. It may sometimes remain for several years in a shed,

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The Koch Mission. ā€” It is stated that the Koch Mis-