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For the first ten months of the year ending June 30,

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Diarrhcea set in, and we suspected that the matter had

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of the diagnosis. To be sure, we were unable to trace,

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played havoc with the noses of most of your fellow citi-

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such a condition of affairs can easily be imagined, and in the

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concerned : the formation of the substance, very probably from

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ters similar to that exerted by the unproved but highly

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as late as during the eighteenth century; — indeed, measures that strongly

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Mendon, 1777 and 8, from two to three hundred were inoculated ; fatal

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gress of the child — and thus giving time for the external parts to relax, which

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in throat and in other parts of the bod}' ; total loss of appetite

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to Babes, some of the nerve-cells possess vacuoles and im-

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circulation, and a sharp contraction of the heart. In the infant they

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formerly of Amite, La., at Tangiphoa, La., October 24, aged

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might be well to adopt the single term of than- attack of pellagra in 1910. Among other symp-

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violent as not to admit of cure in any situation, it is a chance if

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tion, and, in this way, it may contribute to perpetuate the affection.

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and that pyemic inflammation of joints is not always suppurative. It

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pain was complained of; and in such cases an error of diagnosis was very liable

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because it was Friday he positively refused to be oper-

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simultaneous estimation of brimonidine tartrate and timolol maleate

the equator, this was elongated and the space between the