of the liver (HepaJLogenous p.), or to disease of the
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the Medical Profession owes a debt of gratitude, which must con-
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spoken of. The book has been adopted by the United States and
1851.] YivuVee, Contributions to Practical Dermatology. 105
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micro-organisms in it ; he thinks that a temperature
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reached a point when a distinct tumor was presented.
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expectoration of mucous blood or pus, cold chills, hot dry skin, accele-
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habitual to that person in natural sleep ; that, in short, drug
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from the antrum through the nose four or five days after the operation.
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October 8, 1833. Benjamin D. Greene, Esq., resigned his
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lum forceps having 4 instead of 2 hooks at the end of each branch. The
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his duties compel him to remain standing at a desk a considerable part
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lished clinic in town of 12,000. Good hospital facilities.
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cient to render the patient aseptic. Surely this is not true of
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May 13th, the death-rate was 18.G. Deaths reported 3,67G;
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I always had a great respect for Dr. Todd's teaching and
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freest blood-letting, combined with mercurial purges. On the merits
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Dr. A. M. Vance: In answer to Dr. McMurtry, I simply directed
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the patient adds to the degree and danger of shock. Dress, dry and
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States and the great commercial interests involved,
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of the palmar fascia, but consisted of a chronic inflam-
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attendants, but entirely to the indocility of the patient.
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lower and last often a week or more at a time. Factory managers
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—12th. Faint odour.— 14th and 16th. Slightly of-
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group may originate as the result of postnatal disturbances, as, for example,
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sent for, who " stitched up the opening, which was large enough
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" A homoeopathic physician is one who adds to his knowl-
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"This is a most delightful book on the most delightful
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life and lived hard. According to Mr Austin the subjects of it are
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has a definite history and upon examination of the discharge the gon-
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Chicago, 111., and assume his duties in connection with the
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the mixture to stand for a while the precipitate settles and the
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uling. Lucrative fee-for-service. California license
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the animal traveled. And the parallel, when once found to exist
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virtually makes Dr. Davis say that he intended using
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and then let us all try to profit by their experience.
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abundant. As convalescence continues, the great danger is
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appearance, and in almost every other respect, precisely
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fibrous tissue. This weakened spot in the heart-wall may yield to the blood-
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the amount of nitrogen existing in the form of nitrates and