labour, in September, 1820. She did well for about three weeks.
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Supply: Elixir, plain and with copper, bottles of 8 fl. oz. Tablets, bottles of 75 . . .
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lent (empyema). In the sero-fibrinous form there is little
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to five pints daily. But its most prompt and certain action is upon the
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In such cases the vitality is not up to the normal, digestion im-
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the external and posterior part of right thigh. As suppuration continued without any
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stances calculated to produce that distressing condition termed the "drug habit,"
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continued to increase during fifteen or twenty minutes, and
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anything in the stomach whether it be liquid or solid.
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more than three-quarters the thickness of the bone, and hence, in a forced rota-
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a memorable one that the guests and the subject were photo-
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but occasionally occur in pairs. They are not motile,^ and no flagella
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38 Bryonia.— Coughs, Croup, Ulcers. Curvature of the Spine.
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West Joux Gilby 'Uvelale, M.E.C.S. Eng., L.E.C.P. Lond.— Eesident
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Dr. Hardon said he feared he had been misunderstood, but
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mean to lay an early analysis of the volume before our readers,
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mischief among that large, ignorant, and credulous class in the
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the drug in cases where there should be any sign of a failing heart, or towards the
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the same refractive index as that fluid. To render them visible, Prof.
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pathological and of physiological irritation has been doubtless exaggerated,
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He was able to cultivate it, but failed in his inoculation-experiments.
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hallucination. It is of some gigantic object dimly seen in constant
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the factors in the less pei-fect development of bottle-fed
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extended down the cord, producing congestion, local ex-
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coin, with a surface approaching to convexity, soniewhat flattened at tlie
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in practice^ to take up a new instrument which requires much
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(2) Premaxilla Projecting in Single Complete Harelip — When the
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After having thus presented, seriatim, the results of observations made
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tical, the items relative to this branch of science
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ment has during the year issued its Circular No. 12 on the Cam-
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mixture of the two, of well-roasted or boiled flesh or fowl, with
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leucocyte-free milk is quite as active as the leucocyte-rich sediment
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these the spleen particularly, are overloaded with blood. But these
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given the name of lacunar diphtheria of the tonsils to this form of
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large round cells of uncertain identity which in size and
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The stomach has four distinct layers or coats, a serous, muscular,