F.R.C.S., in the chair). Dr. C. J. B. Aldis will read a short

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interests of the average modern doctor, who was some-

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the swollen patches become hypersemically congested; so the vessels

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The sputum shows no tubercle bacilli, but large numbers of what appear

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at a low temperature the young rhabditiform larva develops

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All inflammatory conditions in the pelvis teaching to my mind, is not only an error

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particular attention as they were inclined to be sluggish.

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kg./day in rabbits and 10 mg.Ag./day in pigs and monkeys did not show cleft palate.

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treatment must generally be prolonged, as no case can be

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physicians, dentists, pharmacists, optometrists, po-

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food, will be very apt to produce this disease. It seems,

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If it is desired to brid^ a nerve defect by implantation,

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amoiuit of mucus. The diarrhoea was not influenced by diet, and

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antiseptic washes arc sufficient. Examples of these include hydrogen peroxid,

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partition separating the posterior and middle sections, so that the

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periphery of the healthy part in order to prevent further

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cavity. The pancreas was enlarged to about twice its

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riinn revised and enlarged With 1"'™"°''° I„ one very handsome octavo volume, cloth,

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of free circulation, it is proposed to have subterranean boule-

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commenced by efflcuragCy beginning from the extremi-

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originally arose in the connective tissue. In spite of

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tinuity, and is, in fact, discontinuous, so that Paget speaks of

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The participation of the gall bladder completely changes the con-

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matter in excess, and the chlorides in diminished quantities.

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threshold of response were at its normal level. His theory is based

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in rare cases, pectoriloquy. More or less of these ausctiltatory signs are

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doses of these remedies I do so only on the basis of a tolerably

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that may exist between disturbed physiological activity and structural

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whole subject. • Perhaps the most important of these replies was that of

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Results. — In aggravated cases : dyspepsia, diarrhcea from

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pint of water) or a solution of aloes in water (one-half ounce to the