will speedily check the fever, usually, as has been previously
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the Plasmodia. The ear is preferable to the finger, especially in the
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this treatment is equally beneficial, and is not so troublesome nor
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of the mesentery itself or frequently of the bowel. Not rarely the pedide of
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99. — In a limestone formation it is difSeult to tell anything
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of nitrogen ingested largely in the form of sweetbread (thymus glands
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per second. Dr. Bowditch had found a similar range in
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atrophied, but they have done their work for the man. When I see
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hard to reply to questions ; but the function of articulate
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simple sterilized water to insure asepsis of a wound during
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two years later the hands and arms became weak, and since, his twenty-
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the non-existence of cancer. It is to be borne in mind that the minute
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appeared in 1886. During the past ten years a vast amount of
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All accepted manuscripts are subject to copy editing, and authors are sent
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of the circulation which we meet with in inflammation
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Five maternal deaths occurred during the year, or '35 per
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I am not prepared to state. Patient otherwise made an
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of the pubes and ilium. Action, to bend the spine upon the pelvis,
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suchungsmethoden f iir die Brust- und Unterleibs-Organe mit Einschluss
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duced by a wide spectrum of external stresses and both
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she had been constantly losing weight. She was given 0.6 gram of
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it in the case referred to. That, together with the fact of the high
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absolute rest in bed, and when the patients are compelled
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of which sometimes the one and sometimes the other is originally
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there could not be any numerical weight against such a very common
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intense pain which was produced whenever an attempt
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the animal is in the reaction stage — for instance, in the sheep when the
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CATHERINE M. HITT, PHARM.D., Antibiotic Management Fellow,
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The science of medicine is not, and probably never will be
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chills, which had invariably yielded to quinine. The
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be the seat of an ulcerated malignant growth, which had so contracted
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nerve; a fibrillary tremor is noticeable during the contractions
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Case S.^ During the winter of 18G0-61, a patient was under my obser-
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a man whom the Profession and public would declare to bo of
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it has been repeatedly observed that the heart has con-
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graduates of five years or more, shall obtain a total
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Mr. Lister. Indeed it is well-known that Baudelocque did this in a