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consult text-books upon that subject. In this volume we shall describe

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two auricles ; the embryo, in this particular, having reached a position in the

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It is evident that albumen, resulting simply from pus produced by chronic cystitis,

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his personal expense to the Government for pay and transportation —

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exclusive rectal alimentation for four days. Her heart, lungs

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ansemia ; but it should be borne in mind that in some cases

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theria or tetanus. The poison, -however, is produced outside of the

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projectile vomiting, rise of bodily temperature, slight facial

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the New York Medical Record, Vol. liv. Many are aflfected

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that the movable blade moves away from the lens when the

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months, and the girls for four months longer, but it is said to increase a boy's

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Jjound to take notice of an objection, the validity of which

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If an ulcer is excavated, it is necessary to bring about a fiUing-up

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unhealthy products, Ipecac gives the same relief and produces

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tion of the OS uteri — its hardness, and the hardness of the cervix,

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rupted for twelve to twenty- four hours." — Modem Medicine.

high dose rifaximin treatment alleviates global symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome

may, however, give rise to pain in the abdomen, and cause diarrhea

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•fever or internal inflammation to become a severe one. He

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of the forehead, some affect the vertex, some the occipital r^oa. Other

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a similar sort could be readily adduced. There is no question that mis-

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submucous tissue infiltrated. .Upon the superior surface of the right aryte-

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post-mortem examination. The ovaries (of the size of olives) were both

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with the minute motion or chemical activity of adjacent

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paper (Archives GeneroAea de Aledecine, Nov., 1874), Gosselin and

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fession most of all. Health insurance has been enforced in

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precipitate was washed in sterile normal salt solution and centri-

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firom the loins, the pain subsided, and the next morning

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