few cases of concussion alone prove immediately fatal (from shock) ; but

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Anspach, Germany, in 1660. Little is known about his

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Vertigo, giddiness, transient sight troubles, obnubilation, temporary dis-

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ulty or may exhibit a slight general deficiency which pre-

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Dr. Storrar said the cases were not at all similar.

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lever, with the arch of the pubis as the fulcrum; the long

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nutrient, irritant, antiseptic, and antiphlogestic. It will make the rich man poor and the

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law which I have stated above, be null and void ; in

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perhaps, under the circumstances, I may be permitted to doubt


Hamilton, Senior, of Edinburgh, Bpeaks of "the uterus itself as

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stomach of whom he extracted, by incision, a knife nine inches

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been satisfactorily used in the following conditions :

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treated as a simple case of inflammation of the stomach.

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This man was the father of ten children, three daughters and seven sons,

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thoroughly with the mixture first mentioned, 1 next apply a

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leaving the cord fixed near the median line, and at every ef-