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nately the facts were adverse to her statement ; but in future cases of this kind,

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them down as facts, reasoning from the standing of these two medical


professional etiquette forbid it. Professionally, at least,

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United States Army, relieved from duty in the Depart-

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after Dalmane. Physiologic tracings on Dalmane nights 1-3 showed

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sults. Dr. Sjoebring, of Lund, Sweden, has succeeded in mak-

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Drugs manufactured, packed, distributed and sold by us, such as

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nently connected with the Children's Hospital from the

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tions and ankylosis, which were twenty-one in number. Five

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died of pleuro-pneumonia, or lung disease, the insides of the ribs will usually

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particles of dust and other irritating substances entering directly into the-

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any case chloroform seemed to produce a depressing effect. Indeed usually, in

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