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poisoning with arsenic, phosphorus, antimony, manganese, &c.,
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symptoms which attend these lesions, is as yet a matter of impenetrable
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on a common problem without both deriving benefit from their contact,
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be nourishing and stimulating ; extra diet, stimulating baths,
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found that typhoid bacilli may readily be recovered as long as 27 days
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birth. In a large proportion of all congenital cases, the hydronephrosis is
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vice presidents: James Pecker in 1782, Cotton Tufts in 1785,
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white blood count, 17,800; polymorphonuclear cells, 17 per cent;
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if this term is strictly adhered to, it will redound greatlv to the credit
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fallibility of epidemiologic evidence has long been recognized.
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rectal wall and included the whole circumference of the
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The blood of diseased hogs in the outbreaks studied reacted
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show our readers the nature and results of some of Dr. Duncan's
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is rare, because shock is almost necessarily associated with injury, and
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