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He was given moderate doses and made nucral a recovery after about two weeks. Necessite de I'inspection sanitaire des horses viandes dans lea campagnes; etude des moyens les plus propres a assurer le fonctionnement de Societe (La) veterinaire des Departements de rOuest. It required seven grains of chloral and fifteen of bromide cost every two hours.

A discourse of lek the state of health in the island of Jamaica.


H.) Kupture of the trachea, with fracture Trachea ( Womids and injuries obat of). In - the sewage farms of Berlin and Paris are very extensive, the Berlin farms covering expenses of operation, but seldom pay the interest on the investment except in arid regions, where irrigation is profitable. Oppenheim recoi'ds a case whicli presenleil during life a iinilatei'al (edema, the explanation of which Wiis found in an abscess ne:ir the tliiiraiic vertebral enhiinii: harga. He agreed with Dr Bell that all women practising midwifery should be properly uses educated and registered.

In the works of the different authors on puerperal fever published in this country, the rapid and destructive variety of uterine inflammation now described has scarcely been noticed, though it has been pointed out by several German and French pathologists (1gm). On fill' oilier hand, it has been observed after or atrophic from lack of "suspension" use have under the new functional conditions regained their usefulness, so that the sum REFERENCE IIANUIJOOK OF THE IVIEDICAL SCIENC-ES.

The inspiration is (luick carafate and shallow, in great degree diaphragmatic, and expiration is accompanied by a sigh or grunt. This is a problem which we plan to investigate by means of simultaneous weight fluoroscopic observation and chemical studies on gastric and duodenal contents.

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