Ifoltiple NemitiB. — ^Remarkable vasomotor and trophic changes may
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often involved, little areas of suppuration, which subsequently coalesce
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the ordinary agglutination test. The bacteria in which one or several
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sion with great success in a case of accidental removal. After two injections
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and those bearing weight yield and become unnaturally curved and mis-
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neuritis of ^hoid fever or of arsenical poisoning the oedema may be very
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forms of change may be recognized: nrst, those in the soft parts, and sec-
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bands run from tne capsule into the tumor, cutting it into lobules, and the
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anterior and lateral. The lateral bowing is an interesting feature, since it
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heart and chronic interstitial nephritis is seldom to be made out. Localized
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!\ii liiiilri'iili'N 111' II i|i'\l I'lisi' riiinli'hsr ||i:it iN, I'iim' |iii;lli.r witli tin'
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Aside from the progressive increase in the size of the nodes, there is usually
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vigorous counterirritation seems to relieve not only the lumbar pain, but an
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■ni-e derived from other lields id' investigation e. ■_'., the hehavior of
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large and pendulous, with umbilical hernia, as a rule. The skin and mucous
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.M.'tliuds Midi as tlijit ..I' lliildaiic iiiid riicstlcv , wliidi ciilculatf tli.
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frequency inmiediately before the disease as to constitute, if not an impor-
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of circulation, especially acute inflammatory conditions at the boundary of
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advanced age, and Jessop found 7 men affected to 18 women (instead of 1 to
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""■ "■'''"'■ '"'""■ '"'" ""■ <-"'i--lHsio„s .|,.aw„ f,..,,,, n.si.lN ..f oLmtn
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intussusception. In no case in my series of angioneurotic oedema was
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would be the daily output of a patient with this form of disease. The specific
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to the eiitV as iiossihle. With each liearlheat a distinct sound like ,i p
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sire to lireathc returns, usnallx' contains a hiiri r |)crcentajre of <'(•_. than
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or purpunc urticaria suggest an auto-intoxication, but we have no positive