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the author. Editor's Address, No. 1004 Walnut St., Philadelphia.
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the body, however, is greatly deformed, the central nervous system being open throughout
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Complicating conditions, or symptoms that become specially aggra-
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tion ; the discharges of urine are very irregular ; often very scant and
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hales de 1 6picaid6 et de la pl6vie pulmonaire. Compt
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number of well-determined facts. The anuria of hysteria probably repre-
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times uncertain etiology makes for a varied therapeusis. This
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;i :: larirement of the thyroid gland. Her jjuIsc was feeble,
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the colon, and at first it may be possible to make out
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vaginal fistulas no longer cause life-long misery to those so
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costal margin is quite common. A murmur over the subclavian artery,
cases reported by Kojjlik and Van Arsdale, the children
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fessional organizations in our neighboring states occurred during our visit
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suggest, we are to associate its occurrence with the attachment of
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and social economics. This latter fact is to be expected,
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excesses and debauchery, pulmonary disease, " hepatic and renal affec-
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tively poor lymphatic defense, are especially dangerous
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slote: Antibiotics used in high doses for short periods of time to treat gonorrhea may mask or delay the
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that the laryngitis has not materially abated. This
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" leh sah eine grosse Menge am Milzbrand abgestandener Kiih«
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extent, it spreads over a broader surface, and, as-
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incidence of tuberculosis following tliese epidemics; and with reference to the
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performed as early as possible. — Edinburgh Medical Journal, May, 1856.
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is effected by one of the two following waj'S: — 1. By the /ti-
Ilrunehial Fistula. Ry G. 11. I. Wii alk. F R.C.S. ... ... ... ... 86
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the second division, became at last so notorious, that many fe-
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that the quantity of motion or physical force displayed by a
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2 Some Unusual Fractures of the Leg. N. Y. Medical Journal,
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of teaching power and a commensurate necessity for co-opera-
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opposite side, and this is, after all, the principal guide at our disposal— the
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praise cannot be accorded the volume for its fidelity
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diarrhccal diseases, whooping-cough, erysipelas and fever) 444
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tion is still very imperfect, and even hands that have been
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