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energetic, industrious and the most progressive of all the Chinese.

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2,000 to 2.r)00 mg. of tuberculin caused a fall in blood-pressure in dogs

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of pressure," i.e., he knew that I was doing something but

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Journal Dr. Macleod gives the details of his experience with,

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eral or Serpentine Curvature of the Spine, &ic.,

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importance in relation to the treatment of the drowned. The insensibility

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by the excellence of the treatise which she wrote on

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strument makers? Phila. P(dyclin., 1894, iii, 361-365.

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exudation. The rate of transudation when the cranio-vertebral cavity is

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moisture and filth, and then it followed the great lines of travel,

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1 For a full report of the autopsical appearances in these 33 cases, vide Report of

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This method of anresthesia, which is engrossing the

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other epidemics, the weight of the disease has fallen at one time upon the brain,

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tincture of iodine, iodated solutions, the iodides of iron and