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formed. The belly markedly pendulous. The head is deformed,
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have not substantiated this, and in all probability there is no real difference
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ing one of the sputum in infarction of the lung. This is due to a
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when the boy was admitted to the East London Hospital for Children,
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taining : (1) the nucleus at the centre ; (2) a sphere to the right
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minated in convuUious. In these the daily amount of urine regularly
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and 56 per cent., respectively, of the total number of cases were non-
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Strictly speaking, there is no transition into other affections; the
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neuralgic, although at the same time absolutely innocuous. The dose is
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the right kidney in these cases ? In the 25 cases reported
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pleting the section of bands divided by the fascia knife by
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1 Of the Schomberg Insane Asylum, Berlin. 2 Scribner's Monthly, vol. xx. p. 416.
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and indistinct. The connective tissue between these acini
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places, two hundred and odd." "Of the same kind of in-
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restriction of fluid spares the heart, and is of great importance as a
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of the work becomes fully realized, every clinic will
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initial symptoms produced by their presence, will be different
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the back as well as from the front, the tube being maintained at
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himself for examination as a candidate for graduation, deliver to
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cases more difficult of recognition than those of endo-metritis, none more
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judicious, in such cases, to giA r e cathartics or laxatives. The mucous
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this time she occupied the room next the sick-chamber,
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for degrees had taken place at St. Andrews recently that their
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immediately produced. This simple experiment renders a crucible or reduc-
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diminished. And this is not surprising; for we cannot well
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M. D. (Treasurer), Hygiene and Diseases of Children ; Al-
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whooping-cough :i9, erysipelas 17, measles 15, eerebro-spinal
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The Gait of Pseudo-muscular Hypertrophy. — The feet are
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strong sunlight. Others have reported like result on
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Also, transl.: Rep. Hrit. Ass. Adv. Sc. 1887, Lond., 1888,
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his zeal and faith were equally energetic and pure, whether he
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also be taken into account at the same time, as well as the possibility of
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could be obtained by faradizing the nervous trunks at various
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concerning the poisonous group, which, with some modifications,
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Attended Pharmacy Section Meeting, Association of Military Surgeons
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dently diflUcult of dilatation. With a pair of angular curved
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regurgitate into the syringe to make sure the needle was in
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sia will probably accomplish nothing ; but if it be re-
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' BnUeCio of the Johns Hopkins Uospital, Aogiut, 1893.
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many of these, he had completely failed to find a sin-
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tain hope that the uterus will be retained within the
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be found to be increased. This is a bit of diagnostic
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camps he had never suffered with any such malady, nor, so far as was ever
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