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clothing enough to defy the vicissitudes of the seasons,
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anterieure du calcaiieum. Ibid., 1890, xxix, 165, 1 pi. —
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9. Received a report from Ken LaMastus on the indigent
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118. Congenital Shoulder Dislocations. — The causes and
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if you pass through the two years of training you are likely
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process, so that in the course of three or four genera-
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ZZ is reported in the < American Jour. Med. Science' for April 18o9 ( ■ ■
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The various lenses are so proportioned as to size that 1 and 2
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the fact that in one of our clinics it is no unusual occurrence to have
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and was more difficult to manage than those who were
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urine, during this period, varied from §240 to §174, sp. gr.
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high, terminating in long paniculate racemes of white sepaled
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joint for the loose and telescopic one. But it may be well to enumerate
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to resort to morphine, either by the mouth, or still better, hypoder-
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dy the pulse is over 120 and the respiration over 40 per minute ;
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The rain is collected in large tanks, which supply all the
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been introduced among veterinary practitioners. Is it to be maintained,
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nails is ridged and irregular, and beneath them there are soft, dirty, evil-
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progress of the disease ; the menstrual discharge diminishes in quantity,
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size of an ordinary pill — being circular and not oval or bean
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have the rooms which you occupy warmed with some degree of
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Electricity, stimulants, artificial respiration are the
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marvellously quidnunc does the " on the contrary" therefore
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European and Confederate Hospitals. The mortality from this disease, in a large number of
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nuclei were sometimes faint and difficult to make out clearly
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wall germander, felty germander (xaumSouc;, JioXiov) are two species
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pass an instrument into the os uteri to empty the organ of its contents. Dr.
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that a report to the General Assembly should contain a discussion
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which you will often find indicated, and when indicated will find
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Thayer was a good physician. He was thoroughly educated for
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you will get crepitus, unless the fracture be impacted,
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and acetabulum have become much softened by the morbid process, the
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The Bulgarian surgeons were exceedingly gracious and anxious
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In a few cases the strength is maintained to an advanced stage
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subdued : yet they return again and again, and are again and
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i be no doubt of suicidal strangulation, the deceased had lost four fingers of her
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firmed by the announcement that a display of practically the
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in producing death. It proves, indeed, very rapidly fatal, but it is
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with the blood-supply of the cerebellum. When we come
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the decennium " (iMHl-'.H)). It appears, therefore, that emigration
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less sensitive. A good practical point inculcated by
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Koeberle concluded his inijjer by affirming that the
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well executed, a measure of praise in which both the printer
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bath and all other remedies failing to produce any relief, the lady
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force. Breathing was much less laboured ; aniesthesia still complete ;
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struggle being over in from four to six days. The cruelty
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for them to do so. They have been forced into the rebel army by
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therapy, electro-therapy, &c., which are carried out for him by lay
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Bear in mind the position of the man's arm when the bul-
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